Juris Gavrilovs - iluzionists, illusionist, burvju mākslinieks

Perceptions of our contemporary people associated with magic are quite incorrect. They always fancy a man, middle-aged, dressed in a funny garment with pockets full of rabbits and doves. Juris has never wanted to repeat the same flaws that were historically made by other illusionists – he is offering exclusively the most captivating, entertaining and neat tricks that really get the audience carried away and make them ask the question: ‘… but how does he do it?’

Juris is a famous person in the area of entertainment in Latvia. He does not consider himself to be a wizard at all, however, he is often referred to exactly by this title. Other representatives of the craft speak of him as a gifted artist capable of combining good humour with having good time and performance of unrivalled tricks.

He performs the so called ‘close-up’ type of illusions. Specifically it means that all the tricks are performed in front of the eyes of the audience and even in their hands. This type of art is much more personal and captivating for the audience compared to on-stage illusion art. For performance of illusions items that people can easy recognise are used – without any boxes, swords and pretty background dancers, although Juris always misses the last! ;)

Anyone having viewed his performance can tell you that he is a true professional of his work!

He has accrued large experience in the area of entertainment as well as by performing for many guests from abroad.

“I love what I do! Every time when I am going through any of the tricks I love to look into people’s eyes and to see that they are overwhelmed by emotion. It is impossible to describe it by words like ‘astonishment’, ‘amusement’, ‘joy’… It is like having a glimpse back into the childhood of a person, travelling in time and finding a child looking under the Christmas-tree for presents! ‘Close-up magic’ - the type of illusionist art is like a role-play that involves everybody… All that is needed is only the lead-player. This would always mean having an exciting and interesting time! I am deeply satisfied each time I have had a performance as I know for sure that I have given something to people which nobody will ever again be able to give to me…” /Juris Gavrilovs/

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